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I am a teacher with 33 years experience in public education. The purpose of this web log is to critically examine the present state of education in our great country and, particularly, in Texas.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The best intentions of mice and men

A person greater than I once said something about the best laid plans of mice and ment being blown away must have been thinking about my last month. Suffice it to say that this has been one of those times when life is "interesting". I believe there is another saying about wishing someone an "interesting" life.

I remember at some point telling Edwonk - I believe - that I was going to post everyday or at least several times a week. So much for that.. I was completely innocent of what it takes to write a great blog like so many of you do everyday of your lives. All my preconceptions are now gone, reality has set in.

Anyway, my "interesting" month has come to a conclusion. The bilge pumps worked, someone on a white horse rode in for me in just the nick of time. I am back, hopefully to stay without too much interruption.

I started this in the hope I would be able to make some contribution - no matter how small - to the grand effort of helping people to get appropriate educations. My intention is not changed as I pick up the thread.



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