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Friday, January 28, 2005

Thinking about gifted children

Today I only have a few reading assignments. So, just drifting around the net.... One of my goals as an educator is to advocate for gifted children and developmentally appropriate programs for all children. Here is a wonderful article that covers most of the bases. Check out "When gifted children have problems". The next article about a trail drive is just fascinating. While I know not many situations lend themselves to this, maybe it will strike some ideas. Read A "Diary provides map for trip across Texas".
I wonder what happens when kids start breaking 100 dollar bills to get bubble gum? Well here is the answer. And for all my yapping about zero tolerance in schools, here is a kid who needs zero tolerance, I'll be the first to admit. Check out what happens when a coach gets in the middle of a fight.
You need to read at least one travesty a day. This is one of my favorite examples of what I think of as aggressive stupidity on the part of a school. Check out this zero tolerance example for the nice little town of Conroe.
Here is the all time example of critical problem solving - suds division.giv

Well, that may give you some nice reading tonight. All the best, see ya tomorrow.



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